Accidental Prime Minister is a homage to Dr Singh

The battle at the box office between two of the most intriguing figures of Indian politics from the last quarter of the last millennium is now a reality.The trailers of the Manmohan Singh biopic The Accidental Prime Minister and the Bal Thackeray biopic Thackeray were released with 24 hours of one another.Two of India's finest actors play the two easy-to-imitate-hard-to-grasp politicians who in their own way -- one aggressive, the other muted -- changed the course of Indian politics.Nawazuddin Siddiqui is impressive as Thackeray as he doesn't try to assume the original's physical traits such as the speech pattern and the smirk when confronted with humbug.Thackeray was an enigma because he seemed too open-natured for a politician. Nawaz nails the politician's character traits without trying to 'be' Thackeray.

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