Little to roar about

Wouldn't it be nice if Bollywood stopped pretending it cares about women It's almost the end of 2018 and I wish our film-makers would stop using rape as a plot point to execute reckless ideas of justice. Especially when it has little to do with social sentiments but more to flaunt its leading man in a valiant, chest-thumping, light.I also wish they wouldn't cast a woman if her sole purpose is to give the titular male someone to dream about or dance with.And if Simmba's final few minutes are any indication, there's already one too many men to carry forward Rohit Shetty's khaki-themed justice league.In his latest, a corrupt police officer discovers his conscience in the middle of the movie.Right away, he slips into a previously untouched, super tight uniform -- perhaps the extra kilos can be attributed to all the lunch dabbas Sara Ali Khan's catering service keeps delivering him from across the road -- and clobbering all the baddies he took bribes from before he turns a new leaf.Ranveer Singh's Simmba -- short for Sangram Bhalerao -- is crafted in the bribe-accepting tradition of Amitabh Bachchan in Shahenshah and Anil Kapoor in Ram Lakhan sans the chutzpah or characterisation.A boastful background score (Thaman S) accompanies his slow motion kicks and sputtering rage.Ranveer has got strapping charisma and hyperactive energy, but his consciously phony zeal is better suited for a chat show whereas the excessive Maratha overtones are insufferable after a point.

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