Simmba Review: Total Dhamaal

If there is one director who aces the masala genre, then it is undoubtedly Rohit Shetty.Rohit knows how to tap the right emotions and bring out the best in a movie with the perfect blend of action, romance, humour, drama and thrill. Simmba, his latest venture, is no different.An out and out action-comedy that is sure to become the highest grosser of 2018. And when you have Ranveer Singh leading the pack, it is indeed a lethal combination.Ranveer as Sangram Bhalerao aka Simmba is this over the top cop who wins you with his charm. Though he openly declares his love for bribes, his innocence and wit will compel you to secretly fall in love with this corrupt officer.Bhalerao, a corrupt cop, is transferred from Shivgad (Singham's hometown) to Miramar police station. He finds himself in a happy space with this transfer and immediately is on his way to take charge.While Simmba is received with open arms by the whole team that includes Tawde (Siddharth Jadhav) and Borkar (Vijay Patkar), there is one man -- Mohile, played by the talented Ashutosh Rana, who doesn't seem to be happy with the new senior.On his entry into the Miramar police station, Simmba befriends the local goon Durva Ranade (Sonu Sood) and promises to be his 'man' in return for money. However, the twist comes in when Ranade's brothers rape Simmba's 'sister'.What follows next and how he avenges his sister's death forms the main plot of the movie.

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