Kannada film KGF beats Shah Rukh's Zero

The dubbed Hindi version of the Kannada film KGF is doing better business at the box office than Shah Rukh Khan's new release, Zero.This should be cause for concern not just for SRK, but other Bollywood superstars who have dominated the pan-India box office.According to trade sources, Prashanth Neel's KGF is not only a blockbuster in its home state Karnataka, it has scored a victory in the Hindi belt as well.Leading man Yash is gratified by the response."I won't say that doing better than a Shah Rukh Khan film in Hindi-speaking belts is something I aspire to do," Yash tells Subhash K Jha."Ideally, I would want both films to do well. But yes, the way North Indian audiences have responded has surprised all of us in the KGF team. In North India, they don't know who I am. Yet, they are clapping and cheering at my entry.

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