Vijay's Mersal is being planned for a Diwali release worldwide on 18th October. The theatre strike issue meetings are also said to be turning out to be positive in favour of Mersal's release.

Meanwhile, the film's production team Thenandal Studios have officially announced that AP International would release Mersal in overseas regions. TSL tweeted, "We are pleased to announce that the overseas rights for #Mersal have been acquired by @APIfilms & @homescreenent!"VIJAY DID THIS ALL BY HIMSELF! NO VFX! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!

Vijay’s Mersal is all set to storm screens this Diwali (October 18, 2017). The teaser and songs have created a good buzz and the teaser had a shot of Vijay performing a magic trick with a pigeon, flipping it out of his shirt.

When we asked our close sources about this trick, we came to know that Vijay has performed this magic trick with the pigeon all by himself without using any kind of visual effects. With No VFX, performing such a trick and that too so casually, requires a lot of praise. Really awesome news for Vijay fans waiting to witness the magic on screen.

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