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Director by:        Prabhakar Podakandla
Producer by:     Shailendra Babu
Written by: Maruthi
Starring:     Sumanth Shailendra, Eesha Rebba, Murli Sharma
Music by:    JB
Cinematography:     Karthik Palani
Edited by:    Maruthi
Production company:    
Release date:     August 03,2018

Diamond Babu(Sumanth Shailendra), who is the only son of a rich businessman(Murali Sharma) is obsessed with luxury brands. He decides to find a partner who has a similar mentality. In that process, he falls in love with the home minister’s daughter(Poojitha Ponnada).


During the same time, a maid(Eesha Rebba) in the home minister’s house thinks that Babu is in love with her and starts living in her own imaginary world. After a key twist in the tale, Babu realizes that he is actually in love with the maid. Will he be able to get over his obsession with brands and confess his true love? What are the troubles that he faces in the process? Watch the movie on big screens to know the answers to these questions.

Plus Points in this movie

The male lead, Sumanth Shailendra, looks good on screen and he comes up with a decent performance in his debut movie. He does well in the role of a stone-hearted person who puts his obsession over human emotions. Sumanth is well supported by Eesha Rebba, who delivered a settled performance in the role of a lower-middle-class person. Her ease of acting is a major asset to the movie.

Poojitha Ponnada, who played the second fiddle role looks really beautiful and she puts her acting skills to good use in light-hearted episodes. Murali Sharma, as he normally does, entertains the viewers with his lively and natural performance. His comedy timing is right on point and provides some much-needed relief to the viewers in the pre-climax episode.

The theme of the movie has a lot of scope for tummy tickling comedy and we can clearly see Maruti’s mark in the core plot of the film. The movie starts off on an interesting note as the hero’s obsession with brands is a striking concept and that holds the attention of the viewers for a while.

Minus Points in this movie

The storyline deserved a better treatment as these kinds of storylines need proper detailing and attention in order to strike a chord with the audience. The director banks on the comedy quotient in the script and leaves emotions to the air. As a result, the movie lacks an emotional connection, making most of the family-oriented scenes look fake and unappealing.

The movie gains decent momentum after a key twist in the interval plot and that lays a solid platform for a fun-filled second half. However, things take dismal turns in the latter half as unconventional comedy tests the patience of the viewers. A couple of silly episodes that have no real connection with the storyline destroy the tempo of the film.

For most parts, the logic goes missing and many scenes look undercooked for the very same reason. Also, the comedy sequences between the hero’s family members are not-so-convincing.