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Director by:       Vivek Athreya
Producer by:     Vijay Kumar Manyam
Written by: Vivek Sagar
Starring:    Sri Vishnu,Nivetha Thomas,Nivetha Pethuraj
Music by:    Vivek Sagar
Cinematography:    Sai Sriram
Edited by:    Ravi Teja Girijala
Production company:    Manyam Productions
Release date:    June 28,2019

Film which has been promoted on a good note which is the comedy caper has hit the screens


Vishal, Rocky,and Rambo are three friends who fail their intermediate thrice and keep on wasting time. In such a situation, Mitra(Nivetha Thomas) joins their college and becomes close to them. On the other hand, Mitra has some serious issues with her dad and wants to get out of her house and seeks the help of the three friends. The gang makes a crazy plan and executes it well. But to their surprise, the events that follow create massive problems for them.

Plus Points in this movie

One of the biggest assets of the film is the continuous dose of comedy. The first half is filled with good humor and talented actors, Sree Vishnu, Priyadarshi, and Rahul Ramakrishna are a laugh riot with their solid chemistry and comic timing.Nivetha Thomas is always a talent to watch out for and is the perfect fit in her role. Her performance in the film is superb as she gets to portray a unique role and she does a good job in it. The kidnapping scenes and how they are narrated with a different screenplay is the highlight of the film and create superb humor.

Minus Points in this movie

After an entertaining first half, the tempo in the second half becomes a bit dull. The chasing scenes become a bit slow and are dragged. Even though the comedy generated through the proceedings is good, the plot is quite routine and nothing new.

There was a good scope to elevate the father-daughter bond but the director failed to do it. Also, too much time was taken to establish the lead characters in the film which slowed the film a bit.