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Director by:       Bala Pazhanisaamy
Producer by:     Rockline Venkatesh
Written by: Bala
Starring:    Jyothika, G. V. Prakash Kumar
Music by:    Ilaiyaraaja
Edited by:     Sathish Suriya
Production company:    
Release date:     August 17, 2018

Jhansi(Jyothika) who is an assistant commissioner of police is all set to leave for her much-need vacation.


She comes to the office to submit her leave letter to her higher officials. At the same time, a minor roadside worker called Gaali Raju(GV Prakash) is brought to the station for a raping and impregnating a minor girl. When Jyothika starts investigating the case both the minors say that they are going to become parents with each other’s consent. Why is Gaali Raju being framed in the rape case? Who is behind all this? and how does Jhansi investigate the proceedings? That forms the rest of the story.

Plus Points in this movie

The premise of the film is interesting as the suspense drama is weaved around the love story of two minors. G V Prakash leads from the front and he is good as the roadside worker Gaali Raju. Be it his makeup or his rustic performance, GV Prakash has done an impressive job.

Coming to Jyothika, she has a tailor-made role in the film. She as the investigative cop does to the best of her capabilities. Debutante Ivana is a perfect fit as the minor mother. Her performance has depth and Ivana’s expressions are pretty good in the first half where a unique love story is showcased.

The way the suspense is slowly developed in the first half is good. Some scenes are realistic in true Bala style and showcase the mass effect in a hard-hitting manner.

Minus Points in this movie

The second half of the film is where things go for a toss. What could have been a very interesting suspense drama is spoilt by some uneven narration. The dots are not connected properly and most of the pre-climax go for a toss.

Jyotika’s character is quite rude in the film but the Telugu dubbing makes it even more over the top and this can irritate you at places. The investigative scenes are very normal and could have been a bit thrilling so that the audience would get connected more in the later part.

As the theme of the film is dark, certain Tollywood audience who expect basic entertainment will surely be disappointed. Also, there is a lot of Tamil flavor in the film which might not go well with many.