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Director by:       Vishwak Sen
Producer by:     Karate Raju
Written by: Vishwak Sen
Starring:    Vishwak Sen,Saloni Mishra,Uttej
Music by:     Vivek Sagar
Cinematography:    Vidya Sagar
Edited by:    Ravi Teja
Production company:    Vanmaye Creations Vishwak Sen Cinemas
Release date:    May 31, 2019

Falaknuma Das is a film which has made a decent buzz with its trailers. The rustic drama has hit the screens .


Das is a happy go lucky youth in the area of Falaknuma, Hyderabad. He and his gang get into trouble all the time with silly fights. One fine day, they decide to settle down and start a meat-selling business. But because of Das and his hot-blooded nature, the gang gets into deep trouble and as a result, Das is booked in a police case. Rest of the story is as to how Das being a low-class guy comes out of his troubles and settles down in life.

Plus Points in this movie

Viswak Sen is very good in the film. His body language, dialogue delivery and the mass aura that he showcased are top notch. His carefree attitude and the manner in which he showcases his emotions in key scenes will connect with the masses well..

After a long time, senior actor, Uttej gets a meaty role in Falaknuma Das. He is funny, naive and very impressive in the role of Pandu. The film gets a major push because of his supporting role. Rest of the new star cast who did major roles were very impressive. The two guys who played the main villains were good.

The surprise package was director Tharun Bhaskar who played the role of a cop. He was quite good and has a good screen presence. The interval bang is the biggest highlight and has been narrated on a superb note by the director Viswak Sen. The thrills, fist fights, and action choreography that come during this time, everything looks top notch.

Minus Points in this movie

This film is for sheer single screens and the youth. There is nothing to look forward to for the families as it has a lot of abuse and violence in many scenes. The climax is shot well technically but a more convincing ending could have made matters even better.

After a gripping first half, the tempo in the film slows down a lot. The proceedings become routine and dull during this time. Not that the scenes are bad but the kick in the narration is missing during this time. The love track in both the halves is bad and upon that, actresses chosen, do not create any impact