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  • Varun Tej & Pragya Jaiswal in Kanche film

    In 1936, Dhupati Haribabu and Rachakonda Sitadevi meet at the Madras Cultural Club in Madras Presidency on the latter's birthday and realise that they are studying at the same college, the University of Madras. ...Read More

  • Sumanth Ashwin, Viswant & Sai Divya in Kerintha

    Jai (Sumanth Ashwin), Siddharth (Viswant) and Bhavana (Sukrithi) are childhood friends who study in same college. They are joined by Nookaraju (Parvatheesam) and Priya (Tejaswi) in the college.they become a batch of cool buddies. ...Read More

  • Ravi Teja & Rakul Preeth Singh in Kick2

    Kalyan Krishna (Shaam) comes to meet his old friend, Kalyan (Ravi Teja), who is now married to Naina (Ileana), settled in Virginia, and has become very rich but still looking for a kick in life....Read More

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