This is a supernatural thriller Story that airs on Star Maa. Bhojpuri film Actress Antara Biswas was Selected to Main Antagonist role of Mohana. Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaagey serial Niyati Fatnani landed in Protagonist role opposite Piya in the Show.Read More


    Helping someone commit a sin, is equal to actually doing it. A pious lady gives up her life after she suffer humiliation during an assault. The man responsible for this becomes the cause for the curse.Read More


    Agnisakshi revolves around the lives of two families that are tied together by Sannidhi, a kind and gentle person who puts other's needs ahead of hers and Siddharth, a young easy-going, fun-loving businessman.....Read More


    It is a story about two sisters Lakshmi and Swathi who lost their mother early in their life. Lakshmi looks after her sister and runs an embroidery store to support the family and fund Swathi's education..Read More


    Deceased, Rajasekhar's brother in law, money-minded person with Cunning attitude, opposite to Ganga & Janaki, he killed Janaki along with his son Moorthy and Arun's friend Balaji, trying to gain Rajasekar/Arun's wealth and constantly trying to kill Ganga by many plans.Read More


    Kalyana Vaibhogam is a Telugu drama television series. The story revolves around Nithya, an innocent girl, who is married into Suryadevara’s family, who are cursed. Thayaru, a lookalike, takes Nithya's place and challenges Suryadevara family....Read More


    Mounaraagam Telugu TV Serial is a heart warming story of an unwanted girl child. She faces the wrath of the family who wanted a boy. Priyanka M Jain perfectly fits into the role as a villager. Hence she is sure to win even more viewers due to her role. Priyanka M Jain is not a new name to the industry..Read More


    The story of Maate Mantramu revolves around the life of Vasudhara, a simple girl from a middle-class family who despite being mistreated by her grandmother and step-sister Satya, tries to make the most of her life. On the other hand, Vamsi Krishna, is the sole heir of a wealthy family and has grown up to be extremely arrogant and irresponsible....Read More

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