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Director by:       V. V. Vinayak
Producer by:     Nithiin, Sudhakar Reddy
Written by: Kona Venkat (Dialogues), Veligonda Srinivas (Story)
Starring:    Akhil AkkineniSayesha Saigal
Music by:    Anup Rubens
Cinematography:    Amol Rathod
Edited by:    Gautham Raju
Production company:    Sreshth Movies
Release date:    10 November 2015
Country:    India
Language:    Telugu


The story begins at thousands of years ago with a voice narrating how the Earth would face destruction in future due to the powerful UV rays of the Sun.Few Saints in India foresee this destruction,make a sphere with most powerful and strong metals which possess an immense power that absorbs the harmful UV rays hence it protects the Earth. Since it has to be placed at the Earth's equator they give the sphere to a tribe in Congolia,Africa. They leave from there by warning them that it should be kept at the Earth's equator during every Solar eclipse if they miss even one of the eclipse then the earth should face major destruction.The African tribe name the Sphere as Jua(Name of the Sun in Africa).Now the story moves to present day where a Russian don is plotting to capture the Jua,so that he will have the solution when the world is in destruction and thinks he can rule the world. For this he seeks the help of an Indian don.The Indian don sends his henchmen to the tribe to get the Jua but Bodo, a young graduate of the tribe takes it and escapes. Now the story moves to Hyderabad where a young and carefree orphan named Akhil (Akhil Akkineni) fights in streets for earning and celebrates with friends. One day, Akhil meets a girl, Divya(Sayesha) and immediately falls in love with her.He impresses her in a couple of meetings by operating her rabit which needs a heart surgery with the help of K.V.Rajendra Prasad (Rajendra Prasad),Divya's college principal.Later Divya invites Akhil and his friends to her marriage. Akhil plots to break the marriage but finds out that Kishore(Vennela Kishore),Fiance of Divya is in love with some other girl and unites Kishore with his lover making Divya's dad(Mahesh Manjrekar) furious,who is a Don in India as shown in the beginning of the movie.Disheartened Divya leaves for Europe finding Kishore. Akhil gets to know Divya is in Europe and follows her. After reaching her in Europe, Divya asks Akhil to act him as her lover thinking that she can make Kishore envy.Meanwhile, Mambo,thug of Indian don searches for Bodo to get the Jua and shoots him in a chase.Bodo falls at Divya's apartment and she treats him as she is a Medico.The very next day Akhil tells Divya that he was the one who united Kishore and his lover breaking Divya's marriage. She gets mad at him and tries to leave but is kidnapped by Mambo who saw Divya while treating Bodo. Akhil gets injured while chasing them and got hit by Divya's dad who came to know that he loves Divya. He falls unconscious under a tree where a chain with a sun shaped locket falls over his neck. Divya's father catches Akhil and through him he gets to know Mambo kidnapped his daughter. He calls Mambo and orders him to release his daughter, but Mambo refuses. Akhil finds out Mambo's place and leaves for Africa with Kishore to rescue Divya.

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