Ananda Bhairavi

Movie Details

Ananda Bhairavi

Director by:    Jandhyala
Producer by:    K. Ravi Prakash T. Suneetha
Written by:    Kondamudi Sri Ramachandra Murthy
Starring:     Girish Karnad Kanchana Harish Mukku Raju Malavika Sarkar J. V. Ramana Murthy Rajesh
Music by:    Ramesh Naidu Soorat Ashwath
Cinematography:   S. Gopal Reddy
Edited by:    Gautham Raju
Release date:    1983
Country:     India
Language:    Telugu


  • Nandi Award for Best Feature Film - Gold - 1983
  • Nandi Award for Best Director - Jandhyala
  • Songs

  • "Brahmanjali" - S P Balu
  • "Pilichina Muraliki" - S P Balu, S. Janaki
  • "Koluvaitiva Ranga Saayi" - S P Balu, S Janaki
  • "Chaitramu Kusumaanjali" - S P Balu
  • "Ra Ragamai" - S P Balu
  • Synopsis

    This is a movie which gives you an idea about the origin of Kuchipudi dance. It is about the people who considered a girl performing "Kuchipudi" dance an embarrassment and about a man who is fighting tooth and nail to pass on the heritage of "Kuchipudi". He finally manages to find a girl who he trains in "Kuchipudi". As girls learning Kuchipudi was not accepted in that era he gets outcast from his caste, place and also the religious places.

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