Bala Nagamma

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Bala Nagamma

Director by:    Chittajallu Pullayya
Producer by:    S. S. Vasan
Written by:    Balijepalli Lakshmikanta Kavi
Starring:     Kanchanamala Govindarajula Subba Rao Banda Kanakalingeswara Rao Balijepalli Lakshmikanta Kavi T.G.Kamala Devi Kamala Kotnis Pushpavalli Bellary Lalitha Relangi Venkata Ramaiah
Music by:     M.D.Partha Sarathi Saluri Rajeshwara Rao
Cinematography:    SAilen Bose B.S.Ranga
Edit By:    Chandran N.K.Gopal
Release date:    1942
Country:     India
Language:    Telugu


  • Naa Sogase Kani Marude Dasudu Kada
  • Nanna Memu Delhi Potham
  • Sri Jaya Jaya Gowri Ramana – Bellary Lalitha
  • Synopsis

    The story is about Bala Nagamma, a young princess. The King prays for progeny and is blessed with children, the youngest of them is named Bala Nagamma (Kanchanamala). She is married off to Karyavardi Raju (Banda). She is kidnapped by Mayala Marathi (Govindarajula Subbarao) who turns her into a dog and takes her to his cave. Once there, he tries to take advantage of her. She keeps him away by quoting some Holy Rites and Pujas that she is involved in. She is a prisoner in the cave for fourteen years, during which time the Fakir's mistress, Sangu (Pushpavalli), becomes jealous of his obsession with Bala Nagamma. In the meantime, her son Balavardi Raju grows up and discovers the truth about his mother. He seeks the Fakir out and defeats him.

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