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Director by:    Gopichand Malineni
Producer by:    Prasad Vara Potluri
Written by:    Kona Venkat, K. S. Ravindra
Starring:    Ravi Teja, Shruti Haasan, Anjali
Music by:    S. Thaman
Cinematography:   Jayanan Vincent
Edited by:    Gautham Raju
Production company:   PVP cinema
Release date:    28 June 2013
Country:     India
Language:    Telugu


Ravi (Ravi Teja) works as a collection agent of ICICI bank in Bangalore and leads a happy life along with his friends and his father Mohan Rao (Prakash Raj). Mohan Rao wishes to see Ravi married to a girl soon although Ravi is against it. One day, Ravi is informed that one of his friends, ('Satyam' Rajesh) has been admitted in the hospital as he tried to commit suicide by drinking nail polish solution. Upon inquiring, Ravi finds out that his friend fell in love with a girl named Shruti (Shruti Haasan). Shruti and her uncle Crazy Mohan (Brahmanandam), have a habit of cheating gullible young men in the name of love - one among whom is Ravi's friend. Ravi decides to teach them a lesson.

Ravi enters their life as a gullible youngster after Shruti "falls in love with him", starts torturing them. Crazy Mohan's plans and attempts to let loose off Ravi always go in vain before him. Crazy Mohan, hatching upon a plan, tells Shruti to ask Ravi to marry her, thinking that Ravi will get cold feet and they would be rid of him. As fate would have it, Ravi, guessing their next move, also comes with a marriage proposal to Shruti. The pair, then, approach Mohan Rao and tell him that Ravi is in love with Shruti and that he proposed to her. They assume that this would enrage Mohan Rao, but Mohan Rao, happy that his son has finally fallen in love and wishes to marry a girl, accepts the proposal heartily. However, Shruti was already engaged to Rohit (Adivi Sesh) by her father (Nassar) sometime in the past. Their entire act of "cheating gullible young men" was just so that Shruti can have fun spending the last few days before getting married while Crazy Mohan can profit from it. Ravi one day saves Shruti from some goons and finally comes off clean to Shruti as he believes that things have gone too far. He advises her not to play with people's feelings in future. Shruti finds herself falling in love with Ravi and informs Ravi's father Mohan Rao.

Mohan Rao leaves the final decision to Shruti's father and guarantees that they would not face any problem in the future from Ravi, if Shruti's Father decides against the Proposal. On the other hand, Rohit's mother (Sana), in a fit of anger after hearing all the events that have transpired, warns Shruti that she would torture her after her marriage. After listening to both of them, Shruti's father, realizes his mistake and fixes Shruti's marriage with Ravi. Rohit's mother gets humiliated by this and calls her brother Poorna (Ashutosh Rana), a dreaded don in Vizag. Poorna, after arriving at the wedding venue with his henchmen, recognises that Ravi & Mohan Rao were his former enemies Shankar and Nanaji. While Ravi is fighting with the goons, Poorna stabs Mohan Rao, kidnaps Shruti and flees away to Vizag. After admitting Mohan Rao into the hospital, Ravi starts narrating his past.

In the past in Vizag, Nanaji was a dreaded Don with an established crime empire while Poorna was still trying to establish his own regime. Poorna, in view to destroy Nanaji's empire, takes the help of Shankar, a young upstart, and makes him a partner in crime. Shankar, with his aggressiveness and cleverness, starts destroying the empire of Nanaji. Meanwhile, he falls in love with Dr. Anjali (Anjali), without knowing the fact that she was Nanaji's daughter. As Anjali is a person who believes in non-violence and hates rowdies, Shankar lies to her that he is only a struggling Musician. Anjali, soon reciprocates his love. Knowing this, Poorna's elder son Babji (Ajay), who always had a grudge against Shankar, tries to injure Anjali by throwing Acid on her, only to be killed by Nanaji. At this point she comes to know that Shankar is a criminal and her father's enemy. She pleads to both Shankar and Nanaji to leave rowdyism, and Shankar agrees. Poorna, angered by his son's death, instructs Shankar to kill Nanaji and Anjali. However Shankar refuses and informs him that he has decided to quit. Kaasi (Shafi), Poorna's younger son, advises Poorna to inform Nanaji that Shankar has kidnapped Anjali and will kill her. Nanaji, angered by this news, gathers his men and rushes to kill Shankar. Meanwhile, Shankar, having truly given up crime and wishing to marry Anjali, decides to approach Nanaji along with Anjali to seek his blessings. Nanaji on spotting them both, rushes to meet them head on. Kaasi too arrives at the same spot with his own men and attacks Nanaji's men. Thinking that they are all in league with Shankar, Nanaji retaliates and soon a feud takes place. Shankar, however tries to stop the feud. In the ensuing chaos Kaasi shoots Anjali, fatally wounding her. Enraged, Shankar promptly kills Kaasi and rushes to the hospital with Anjali. Anjali with a few moments left, reveals the truth to her father and requests him to leave the life of crime. Nanaji and Shankar, overcome with grief at the loss of Anjali's death, decide to leave Vizag for Bangalore to lead a normal life under their present aliases Ravi and Mohan Rao.

Meanwhile, Shruti's father rushes to the hospital and tells Ravi/Shankar that Shruti is being married to Rohit forcibly. Ravi reaches Vizag and upon entering the household of Poorna acts as if though Kaasi's soul is in his body and it wants to kill Shankar and Nanaji. Poorna, a superstitious man believes this despite everybody else's misgivings. With the help of Shruti, Mohan Rao/Nanaji, Dr. Savitri (Ali) and his friends, Ravi manages to kidnap Rohit. Poorna along with Shruti, reaches the spot where they are to make an exchange of Rohit for Shruti. However, after the exchange, Poorna reveals that he never believed in Ravi's act and he just went along with his story so as to trap both Ravi and Mohan Rao once and for all. A final fight ensues and Ravi finally defeats Poorna and marries Shruti in the end.

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