Beedala Patlu

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Beedala Patlu

Director by:    K. Ramnoth
Producer by:    Pakshiraja Films
Written by:    Victor Hugo
Starring:     Chittor V. Nagaiah Javar Seetharaman M.N. Rajam T.S. Balaiya Serukulathur Sama Padmini V. Gopalakrishnan Lalitha T.S. Durairaj Kumari N.Rajam
Music by:    S. M. Subbaiah Naidu
Release date:    6 November 1950
Country:     India
Language:    Telugu


  • Chinnari Paapa
  • Sarasaku Radelane
  • Yavvaname Aha Yavvaname
  • Synopsis

    The story revolves during the times' of post-independence era, Kotaiah (Akkineni Nageswara Rao) steal's a loaf of bread due to feed his young niece and ailing mother. He is arrested and in court sentences him to two months in prison. His niece visits him in jail telling him of her mother’s death knowing that he tries to escape from jail but is caught and his imprisonment increases five years more like that it goes on extending totally Kotaiah spends twelve years in prison. Shanta (Krishna Kumari) Kotaiah's niece is married to Ram Gopal (Satyanarayana) and they have a baby girl Padma. Ram Gopal, who is in bad company and a crook gets her to part with all her jewelry and disappears with it. Meanwhile, Kotaiah on release from jail, he has been told by the jail authorities including Inspector Javert (Gummadi) tough & ruthless Police officer, to keep them informed about his whereabouts and to present himself regularly at the police station. When he returns to his locality he is unable to find Shanta and the neighbors drive him away, calling him a dacoit.

    Kotaiah turns a new leaf with the help of a Christian Bishop (Chittor V. Nagaiah), who helps him realize himself and introduces him as Dayanidhi who becomes successful and turns as Mayor of his town. Once Kotaiah meets up with Shanta on a death bed and before dying she handovers Padma responsibility to Kotaiah. Meanwhile, Inspector Javert finds out about his new life and threatens to expose him all the time. Time goes on grown Padma (Chandrakala) falls in love with Arun Kumar (Chandra Mohan), a freedom fighter. In a fight between the revolutionaries and the police, Javert is imprisoned by them, but subsequently, Kotaiah saves Javert's life. Javert commits suicide unable to turn Kotaiah into the authorities out of his sense of gratitude. Simulteasly Arun Kumar gets injured by British Police. Kotaiah comes to his rescue, When Arun Kumar recovers, Ram Gopal also been identified by them finally movie ends with the marriage of Arun Kumar and Padma.

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