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Bengal Tiger

Director by:       Sampath Nandi
Producer by:    K. K. Radha Mohan
Written by: Sampath Nandi
Story by: Sampath Nandi
Screenplay by: Sampath Nandi
Starring:    Ravi TejaTamannaahRashi Khanna
Music by:    Bheems Cecireleo
Cinematography:    Soundararajan
Edited by:    Gautham Raju
Production company:    Sri Satya Sai Arts
Release date:    10 December 2015
Country:    India
Language:    Telugu


Akash Narayan is an unemployed simpleton living in Athreyapuram, West Godavari district who spends his time hanging out with friends. He is rejected by a girl who aspires to marry a famous person. This hurts Akash and in an attempt to become famous, he hits the agricultural minister Samba with a stone. Initially angry, Samba is impressed with Akash's wit and employs him to escort home minister Nagappa's daughter Shraddha safely from the airport as her life is in danger. Upon Shraddha's suggestion, Nagappa appoints Akash as his OSD. Shraddha gets engaged to Karan, the son of politician Subba Rayudu. She, however, falls in love with Akash after a series of incidents.

Shraddha rejects Karan and convinces Nagappa for the same. She adds that she would prefer to a self-made man like Akash to already financially settled person, as she finds the potential of making it big in Akash. On Shraddha's birthday, Nagappa hosts a big part and announces Akash as Shraddha's potential lover in the presence of many politicians, including the chief minister Ashok Gajapathi. Akash however rejects Nagappa's presence and says that he loves Meera, the daughter of Gajapathi, much to everyone's shock.

When Shraddha confronts Akash, he says that their relationship is that of an employer and an employee and lies that he loved Meera who rejected his love. Meera meets him shortly and proposes to him after being impressed with his eccentricity and spontaneity. When Gajapathi and Shraddha object, Meera defends her decision by saying that his logical thinking made her prefer Akash to others. Gajapathi then comes to know that Akash is his rival Jayanarayan's son and predicts that he is seeking revenge. Akash and Gajapathi have a formal meet where they have a deal; if Gajapathi fails to kill Akash within 24 hours using any means, he has to give his consent for Akash's marriage with Meera.

Akash manages to survive in those 24 hours and meets Gajapathi again after the completion of the duration. When Gajapathi offers ₹5 billion to forego Meera, Akash accepts it happily and shifts the entire money to his house in Athreyapuram. When Meera and Shraddha probe into this, they find out that Akash's father Jayanarayan was befriended by Gajapathi, a struggling politician then, and poisoned the priceless medicines supplied by Jayanarayan with the help of a pharmaceutical company. The blame falls on Jayanarayan who was killed by Gajapathi for political gain. Akash came to know this when he met the paternal uncle of the girl who rejected him initially and decides to seek revenge.

Akash plans to use the money he received for development programmes in Athreyapuram on his father's death anniversary. Gajapathi is dethroned from the ministry and his political career comes to an end after Akash provides the proofs for Gajapathi's illegal activities to the political party's executive committee, which he acquired from Gajapathi's secretary after bribing him. Gajapathi tries to kill Akash in Athreyapuram, only to be attacked fatally by the local people who are aware of his betrayal towards Jayanarayan. The film ends with Akash's family planning for his marriage with Meera and Shraddha joining them.

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