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Director by:    Veeru Potla
Producer by:    Sunkara Ramabrahmam
Written by:    Veeru Potla
Starring:    Manoj Manchu, Sheena Shahabadi
Music by:    Bobo Shashi
Production company:   AK Entertainments ATV
Release date:    5 February 2010
Country:     India
Language:    Telugu


  • Nandi Special Jury Award -2012(Manchu Manoj)
  • Nandi Award for Child Actor-2012( Master Bharath)
  • Synopsis

    Ajay (Manoj Manchu) and his parents are estranged from their joint family in Rayalaseema. Ajay belongs to the family of Mahendra Naidu (Ahuti Prasad). Seshadri Naidu (Jaya Prakash Reddy) is the enemy of Mahendra Naidu. They keep killing each other's family members. The story is about how the free-spirited Ajay puts an end to this and unites both families. The movie begins with the argument for MP post between Mahendra Naidu and Seshadri Naidu. The party decides that the seat should go to Mahendra. Seshadri and his sons try to create mayhem, so that Mahendra's family doesn't move away from the party building. Meanwhile, Seshadri gets a phone call that his brother-in-law was kidnapped by Mahendra's gang, dismayed Seshadri asks his sons and henchmen to leave the Mahendra's family for the time-being. Once Mahendra's family leaves the party building, they order their followers to leave Seshadri's brother-in-law. However, Seshadri's brother-in-law is killed.

    Now, Seshadri wants to kill all the family members of Mahendra for revenge. Then, Ajay enters into Seshadri's house with the help of his son-in-law (Sunil) and tries to change everyone. By uniting Seshadri's elder son with his wife and children & his younger son (Subbaraju) with his fiancee, he is almost at his goal. Everyone learns the truth and the movie ends happily with the families together as Seshadri's youngest son gets married to Mahendra's only daughter.

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