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Director by:    Vamsi Paidipally
Producer by:    Dil Raju, Sirish, Laxman
Written by:    Vamsi Paidipally, Koratala Siva
Starring:    N. T. Rama Rao Jr., Kajal Aggarwal, Samantha Ruth Prabhu Prakash Raj, Srihari
Music by:    S. Thaman
Cinematography:   Chota K. Naidu
Edited by:    Marthand K Venkatesh
Production company:   Sri Venkateswara Creations
Distributed by:   Sri Venkateswara Creations
Release date:    14 October 2010
Country:     India
Language:    Telugu


  • Nandi Award for Best Audiographer(Radhakrishna Eskala)
  • Filmfare Award for Best Dance Choreographer – South(Raju Sundaram)
  • Nandi Award for Best Makeup Artist
  • Synopsis

    Krishna alias Krish (N. T. Rama Rao Jr.) is the son of a multimillionaire in Hyderabad (Mukesh Rishi). He is in a relationship with Indu (Samantha Ruth Prabhu), who has a friend Bhoomi (Kajal Aggarwal). Bhoomi's father Bhaanu Prasad (Prakash Raj) wants to get her married to her cousin suitor (Ajay), who is a rowdy, which Bhoomi doesn’t like. Naturally, her grand father Durga Prasad (Kota Srinivasa Rao) tells to the family that she has already fallen in love with a guy in the city to halt the marriage. But, Bhaanu Prasad asks Bhoomi bring her boyfriend home with her. Indu sends Krish as Bhoomi's lover just to let her escape the wedding situation.

    Then Durga Prasad reveals to Krish that Bhaanu Prasad and his step-brother Sivudu (Srihari) have been rivals for twenty-five years. This is because Durga Prasad married a second time when his first wife died, against Bhaanu Prasad's wishes, and Sivudu is born to the new couple. This is the reason for Bhaanu Prasad's hatred towards Sivudu. Upon splitting their inherited wealth in half, the two brothers have their father Durga Prasad live in each of their.

    Bhaanu Prasad engages Bhoomi with Krish and Bhaanu Prasad too learns of the act and, along with Sivudu, beats up Krish before Durga Prasad intervenes. Durga Prasad reveals to them that the act was created by him in order to save Bhoomi from her ruthless suitor. He also reveals that Krish did not cheat Indu (which is what Sivudu thinks), and in fact it was Indu who sent Krish. He also reveals to Bhaanu Prasad that Bhoomi is also in love with Krish.

    Just as things cool down, Bhoomi's suitor takes Bhoomi away by force, only to be chased by Krish. Krish finally beats up Bhoomi's suitor into submission and leaves with Bhoomi. But another problem arises when Krish has to decide between Indu, whom he loves, and Bhoomi, who loves him. Suddenly Lord Krishna (portrayed Graphically by N.T.Rama Rao) appears in front of him to tell Krish that it is part of his life. But when Krish asks for a solution, Lord Krishna disappears, leaving Krish's fate to the audience.

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