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Dikkulu Choodaku Ramayya

Director by:       Trikoti
Producer by:    Korrapati Ranganatha Sai
Written by: Trikoti
Starring:    AjayNaga ShouryaSana Makbul
Music by:    M. M. Keeravani
Production company:    Varahi Chalana Chitram
Release date:    10 October 2014
Country:    India
Language:    Telugu


Gopala Krishna (Ajay) is a bank employee whose age is nearing 40. He married an innocent woman named Bhavani (Indaraja) at the age of 18 because of his grandmother's request thus sacrificing his love. Since then he started toiling hard for survival and settles down nearly at 35 with two kids - Madhu (Naga Shourya), an engineering student and a young school going kid. He aspires to flirt young girls at this age for mental satisfaction. Krishna's close friend Sathyam (Brahmaji) is jealous in this issue as his wife always henpecks him and is extremely suspicious about him.

Situations arise in such a way that a 21-year-old aerobics trainer Samhitha (Sana Makbul) is admired by both Krishna and Madhu without the knowledge of each other. Samhitha happens to be Madhu's senior in the college who discontinued her studies and she has to repay the loan raised in the bank Krishna works. Both Krishna and Madhu turn good friends with Samhitha and fall in love with her but are unaware of each other. For Samhitha, Krishna raises a loan from a local gangster.

After few days, on the birthday of Samhitha, Krishna visits her house and proposes to marry her. Madhu sees this scene from a distance and dejected, he leaves. He also breaks his ties with Samhitha and plans to save Bhavani to whom Krishna is next to god. He tries in every possible way to separate them as a stranger to them as a stalker on phone. But he fails to separate them and they also register the date of marriage at Arya Samaj.

Just on the day of the marriage, Bhavani visits a Temple and with the information given by Samhitha, police nab Madhu and interrogate him. He only reveals that he loved Samhitha and wanted to marry her. She develops hatred for him and before her and Krishna, police beat Madhu black and blue which manages to change Krishna's mindset and reveal the truth that he is already married to Bhavani. She wants to file a case of the duo but after realising that Krishna has really changed for the better, she drops her plans. Krishna unites with Bhavani and Samhitha forgives the duo and leaves while Madhu looks on.

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