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Director by:       Doss Ramasamy
Producer by:    A. Sarkunam, Hitesh Jhabak
Starring:    Nayanthara, Thambi Ramaiah, Harish Uthaman
Music by:    Vivek–Mervin
Cinematography:    Dinesh Krishnan
Edited by:    Gopi Krishna
Production company:    A Sarkunam Cinemaz, Nemichand Jhabak
Distributed by:    Auraa Cinemas
Release date:    31 March 2017
Country:    India
Language:    Telugu, Tamil


The film opens with Pavalakkodi(Nayanthara) in the hospital and her father Vairakannu(Ramaiah) weeping for her misfortune. Later, the scene cuts to their futures.

They live in a small house. Vairakannu is a single hardworking father who brought her up and Pavalakkodi, his only daughter, takes care of him in his old age and doesn't wish to marry. They lead a happy life. Nearby in an apartment, three thieves enter a house and rob all the jewels from the lady, harass and kill her. To investigate this case a Police officer(Harish Uthaman) arrives at the site and finds no clue about the men and finds a Rajasthani blanket in the house. Upon asking, the house owner and maids say nothing, and therefore the case leads to nothing. The story moves to Vairakannu, who wishes to go to the Kuladevi temple in their town for which they ask Pavalakkodi's aunt for a car to go there. Her aunt refuses to give them a car and her husband tries to hit Vairakannu for which Pavalakkodi speaks up. She says they both got the position they are in from her father's sacrifice. She adds due to her father's ambassador car, now they are able to run a call taxi business with 20-30 cars and scolds for showing no gratitude.

She challenges them that one day she too will open her start up call taxi and reach great heights. Back home, Vairakannu and Pavalakkodi gather money that they have saved in their household objects and go to buy a car. They see several models but fall for a vintage car with no. MDS 13 which looks awkward to the viewers. The night after buying the car Pavalakkodi wakes up hearing strange noises and goes to have a look at the car. She finds a scared cat and it instantly flees upon seeing her. In the morning Vairakannu is fooled by a customer and is kept waiting. In the early night, he is taken to a graveyard and left alone there where the car stops at once. Vairakannu returns home and worries for his daughter because if he dies, who would support her? She then says that she would agree to marry a man who would stay at their house and take care of her father. Suddenly the phone rings and it is revealed that Pavalakkodi's got a marriage proposal from the same police officer who is investigating the case. The groom's parents like the girl but the police refuses to marry her. Pavalakkodi, in rage challenges him that she would remain a virgin if he gets a girl who is more beautiful than her. Later Pavalakkodi gets an order for a Tirupati ghat trip for 20 days.

This time she hires a driver who replaces the father and goes with the family to the trip. It is revealed that the guy who sold some bedsheets nearby on the day of the incident is the real culprit and the police officer tries to catch him. It is shown that in the trip where the call taxi is going, the culprit also goes. Suddenly the driver loses control of the car and the cars itself moves towards the criminal. The driver and the family get worried about the car's supernatural ability and ring up Pavalakkodi. She reaches the site and takes her car back. On her way, she too encounters the supernatural ability of the car and the car kills the victim and showcases the shadow of a dog. She then flees from the accident spot but the car follows her. To her surprise, the car parks itself in her backyard and cleans the blood marks by itself with the wipers on. Upon asking a sorceress, she understands that the car possesses a dog's ghost which tries to communicate with Pavalakkodi. Upon asking the dog car takes her to the real owner, an old man in a villa. He narrates to her how his granddaughter was connected to a dog called Dora. His granddaughter was an orphan and picked up a roadside dog and named it Dora. She loved Dora a lot. When the girl was out with her grandfather, the same three men attacked them and snatched away all the gold.

They harassed and killed the girl and also hit Pavalakkodi who tried to save them. It is revealed that the young girl was the one who donated her heart to Pavalakkodi, then died. But Dora after death possessed the car and believes that the girl lives on as Pavalakkodi and punishes the criminals in front of her. Pavalakkodi too takes revenge for the girl but she rifts with the police officer in the case.She finally manages to kill two others with the help of Dora and saves her father from the criminals.

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