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Jai Lava Kusa

Director by:    K. S. Ravindra
Producer by:    Nandamuri Kalyan Ram
Written by:    K. S. Ravindra Kona Venkat K. Chakravarthy
Starring:    N. T. Rama Rao Jr. Raashi Khanna Nivetha Thomas Ronit Roy Priyadarshi Pullikonda
Music by:    Devi Sri Prasad
Cinematography:   Chota K. Naidu
Edited by:    Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao Thammi Raju
Production company:   N. T. R. Arts
Distributed by:   Sri Venkateswara Creations(Nizam)
Release date:    21 September 2017
Country:     India
Language:    Telugu


1. "Raavana"
2. "Tring Tring"
3. "Nee Kallalona"
4. "Dochestha"
5. "Swing Zara"


Triplets Jai Lava Kusa being taken care by their maternal uncle seek a humble living by stage drama performances. Both Lava and Kusa excel in acting whereas Jai is side-lined by his maternal uncle due to his stammering disability. Jai, though a member of the family, is generally set to do the household chores and treated as the second class citizen. An instigated and a humiliated Jai sets the drama stage on fire and flees away.

After 20 years all three brothers are scattered and seek their own lives in different places. Kusa, an expert mugger with an easy go attitude mugs a huge amount of money to fly over to the USA but the plan eventually fizzles out as the money becomes worthless due to demonetization. He happens to meet Lava, a bank manager, who adheres to his principles and runs an ethical life. Lava meanwhile, would have got entangled in a professional issue and also would be seen losing his love life as well. Kusa hatch plan to go to bank as Lava Kumar and kusa cheats lava kumar and ran away with money. Priya father files a kidnap case on Lava Kumar. Lava ask police officer to find Kusa. Finally they find Kusa and he angrily punches kusa and ask about Priya. Kusa says that he didn't kidnapped lava's girl friend. Then lava and kusa come to know that Jai is alive. Police officers says he is not Jai now his name is Ravan.

Police officer narrate the story about Jai after the fire accident. After knowing the truth about his elder brother Ravan (Jai) lava and kusa enters Ravan (Jai) house. Ravan (Jai) says to lava, kusa about Priya and money. Ravan (Jai) says they have to change their outfits like Ravan (Jai) and follow his mentor kaka. Lava succeeded by winning election as Ravan (Jai). Kusa meet Simran who is trying to take revenge on Ravan (Jai) for her brother's death. Kusa makes a deal to with Simran that she has to act like lover of Ravan (Jai) and take her revenge on Ravan (Jai). Kusa tell all the truth to lava about his deal with simran while kusa narrating his deal with lava Ravan (Jai) listen the plan of kusa and simran and he angrily try to kill kusa. Lava begs his brother Ravan (Jai) to leave kusa. Then kusa know all the truth and makes a deal with lava to change his brother's behavior. Ravan (Jai) orders his guards to kill lava and kusa. After a lot of drama done by lava and kusa. Kaka thinks lava as Ravan (Jai) and tell the plan about killing lava and kusa. Next day morning lava and kusa drives the car attached with a bomb. The triplets maternal uncle begs Ravan (Jai) to save lava and kusa. Ravan did not reply's then he go to kaka and ask to say to Ravan (Jai) not kill lava and kusa kaka says he already said to him but he didn't reply anything. Ravan (Jai) slowly say that kaka didn't tell him to save them. Kaka come to know that he said to lava not Ravan (Jai). Lava tells all the plan to kusa while driving and they to understand Ravan (Jai) and decided to die.

Sarkar who is seeking to take revenge on Ravan (Jai) stops car and shoots kusa. Ravan (Jai) comes and save lava and kusa by killing Sarkar and his Guards. Story ends with Jai (Ravan) death .

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