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Director by:    Srinivas Mamilla
Producer by:    Naveen Sotineni
Written by:    Sreenivas Mamilla
Screenplay by:    Sreenivas Mamilla
Edited by:    Chota K. Prasad
Starring:    Bellamkonda Sai Sreenivas,Kajal Agarwal,Mehreen Pirzada
Music by:    Thaman S
Cinematography:   Chota K. Naidu
Production company:   Vamsadhara Creations
Release date:    7 Dec 2018
Country:     India
Language:    Telugu


Vijay(Bellamkonda Srinivas) is a sincere police officer who loves Samyukta(Kajal) and wants to marry her. But after a point of time, she disappears from the scene. This is also the time when Vijay saves a lonely girl(Mehreen) from a kidnapping. But his sincere efforts turn upside down as he gets framed in the kidnapping. What is this conspiracy? Who is behind it? and where has Samyukta disappeared all of a sudden? To find out all the answers, you need to watch the film on the big screen.

Bellamkonda Srinivas does well in his role of a cop. He gets a meaty role and as expected, is very good in the action sequences. He is very good during the climax fight and his scenes with Mehreen have come out well.Kajal has a crucial role but does not get to emote much. She looks lovely in the songs and does what is expected of her throughout the film. Mehreen lands a key role and she is the one who brings the key changes in the film. She is okay in her role but needs to work on her expressions.

Except for the interval bang, the entire first half is weak. The director has written a good interval bang but he failed to initialize the story in a proper manner. Even after one hour into the proceedings, there is no clarity about the story. What you see is many unnecessary scenes between Kajal and Srinivas which do not have any interest.

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