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Director by:    Hari
Producer by:    Raja Rajeswari
Written by:    Hari
Story by:    Hari
Screenplay by:    Hari
Starring:    Srikanth, Meghana Raj
Music by:    Sai Karthik
Cinematography:   Srinivas Reddy
Edited by:    Nagi Reddy
Production company:   Raja Rajeswari Pictures
Release date:    1 November 2012
Country:     India
Language:    Telugu


Lakshmi Narayana alias Lucky (Srikanth) works in a travel agency and he is a person who hates women. He basically thinks that they do not understand men and their feelings and always look out for their own interests instead.

In a sudden twist of fate, Lucky gains the ability to read women’s minds. This new ability makes him even more angry in the initial days, when he starts finding out things he should not. But with the help of a senior psychologist Dr. Sathya (Geetha), he slowly starts understanding women and develops good feelings towards them. In a parallel thread to story, some terrorists try to bring about destruction in Hyderabad and Lucky must stop them also. How Lucky succeeds in all this is the story of the movie.

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