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Director by:    V. Samudra
Producer by:    Bommadevara Ramachandra Rao
Starring:    Anushka Shetty Samrat Chandramohan Nassar Ravi Prakash
Music by:    Chinna
Cinematography:   Vasu
Edited by:    Marthand K Venkatesh
Release date:    11 June 2010
Country:     India
Language:    Telugu


Udayshankar Verma and his pregnant wife, Parvati, give birth to a baby girl near a temple of Goddess Durga in a rural village. The Priest names the child Panchakshari. Since she was born on a day and time considered auspicious to Goddess Durga, she is treated as a divine personality by the people of her village. She grows up to be revered by the villagers, and is subsequently married to an orphan, Sriram/Rajesh Sharma. After some time the couple become parents to a baby girl and name her Reshmi. During the holy festival of Bonalu, Panchakshari is possessed by Goddess Durga, who predicts that Panchakshari is going to die suddenly. The prophecy comes true as Panchakshari is immediately engulfed by fire, shattering the villagers and rendering Reshmi unconscious.

While in the city, Sriram comes across Panchakshri's look-alike, Honey, an ultra modern city girl from a rich family. He follows her around, video-taping her movements, which earns dislikes of Honey. But she understands the truth behind his act when Sriram tells her about Panchakshari. To make Reshmi gain her consciousness back, Sriram brings Honey to her. Honey visits the village, where she comes to know that she and Panchakshari are actually cousins.

Later on it is revealed that Panchakshari was killed in order to close and make people to stay away from temple to execute the villain's plan of digging the treasure. Honey goes to the Temple where Panchakshari died. Honey is possessed by Panchakshari, who scares the diggers away and makes the villain's wife paralysed. The villain's team try to get Panchakshari's spirit out of Honey's body with the help of an evil tantric sadhu, but they fail to do so. They also terrorise the villagers who pray to Goddess Durga to save them. Eventually the Goddess Herself comes into Panchakshari and kills the villain. The villagers rush to the spot to get the blessings of the Great Goddess. As she blesses everyone, she leaves the body of Panchakshari. And later, Panchakshari is out of Honey's body and her soul finally finds peace.

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