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Ranga The Donga

Director by:    G. V. Sudhakar Naidu
Written by:    Madan
Starring:    Srikanth (Telugu actor), Vimala Raman, Ramya Krishna
Music by:    Chakri
Release date:    30 December 2010
Country:     India
Language:    Telugu


Ranga (Srikanth) is a thief who lives in Stuart Nagar. He was raised by his grandmother (Sakuntala) in her house. He used to steal from corrupt police officers because they could not file a complaint for the theft of money from their own houses. He would steal money and valuables by spraying a sedative called chloroform in their houses. He would also steal the stars on their police uniforms to prove that the individual is unworthy of the stars on their shoulders. Ranga is a fan of faction-oriented films, and dreams of acting like one of those faction leaders. At the same time, he falls in love with a sub-inspector, Mangamma (Vimala Raman). At one point, Ranga and friends try to rob the police commissioner's (Nagendra Babu) house, but are caught. While they were at court, Ranga meets a real faction leader, Bhavani Prasad (Srikanth). Bhavani's rival attacks him severely,leading to his death. However, noticing that Ranga looks exactly like Bhavani, the latter's wife (Ramya Krishnan) convinces him to take her late husband's place to prove to everyone that he indeed is alive. Ranga realizes that he is in reality Bhavani Prasad's own brother, and is happy that he was finally able to act like a real faction leader.

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