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Chandamama Kathalu

Director by:    Praveen Sattaru
Producer by:    Chanakya Bhooneti
Written by:    Praveen Sattaru
Starring:    Kishore Lakshmi Manchu Soumya Bollapragada Aamani Naresh Krishnudu Chaitanya Krishna Richa Panai Naga Shourya
Music by:    Mickey J Meyer
Cinematography:   Suresh Ragutu
Edited by:    Dharmendra Kakarala
Production company:   A Working Dream Production
Release date:    August 31, 2011
Country:     India
Language:    Telugu


  • National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Telugu
  • Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actress – Telugu (Lakshmi Manchu)
  • Synopsis

    Saaradhi (Kishore) is a writer and a widower. His little daughter is suffering from a chronic ailment and he desperately needs 5 lacs. He starts writing a novel with seven different story lines, all inspired from his surroundings. Lisa Smith (Lakshmi Manchu) is a super model at the fag end of her career with no money left. Venkateshwara Rao (Krishnudu) is a bachelor desperate to get married, whose only aim in life is to find a(ny) girl. Soumya Bollapragada is seen in a short and special role as the girl who falls for Krishnudu. Ashraf (Abhijeet) has a small departmental store in old city and want to marry his sweetheart Haseena (Richa Panai). Raghu (Chitanya Krishna) studies in a junior college and he lures Renu (Shamili) - daughter of a noted politician in love. There is a beggar (Krishneshwara Rao) whose life time ambition is to buy a small house. Saritha (Aamani) is a widow who reconnects with her college-time friend Mohan (Naresh) a NRI divorcee who returns to India. Raju (Naga Shourya) is a typical village youngster who is busy chasing a girl Gauri (Isha Ranganath).

    Haseena gets a marriage proposal, from a well off guy living in Dubai. She betrays Ashraf and marries the Dubai guy - before she even sees him, based on a photograph of him - and sets off to Dubai, which leaves Ashraf heartbroken. There she finds that her husband is way older than the photograph shows and works as a taxi driver. Raghu turns out to be fraud, who plans to trap Renu for her money. He convinces Renu to elope with him, But before he could get done with his plan, her father comes to know of this and apparently gets him killed. Raju, one night, sneaks into Gauri's home, but gets caught. He is then forced to marry her by their families, owing to social pressure. He sets off to the city, where he works in the municipality. Gauri delivers a baby, but gets killed during childbirth unable to bear the pain because she isn't even sixteen years old. Then he starts taking care of her daughter. Saritha and Mohan, who were unable to get married during their teenage finally make good of their second opportunity. They decide to spend the rest of their lives together and set off for a Road Trip. Krishneshwar Rao saves 10 lacs from his begging income - which he stores at various locations in the city in small amounts - and strikes a deal for a house. But he dies in sleep ,the night before he could buy the house. Depressed, Lisa and Venkateshwara Rao, both go to the same bar. They are later shown to be married.

    Saaradhi finishes his story and goes to a publisher seeking the money only to find that he is out of town. He then finds Krishneshwara Rao's bag with 10 lacs and has his daughter cured.He gives the remaining amount to Gauri's Husband to take care of his own daughter.

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