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Director by:    AR Murugadoss
Producer by:    N.V. Prasad Tagore Madhu
Written by:    AR Murugadoss
Starring:    Mahesh Babu Bharath Rakul Preet Singh S. J. Surya Priyadarshi Pullikonda (Telugu) RJ Balaji (Tamil)
Music by:    Harris Jayaraj
Cinematography:   Santosh Sivan
Edited by:    A. Sreekar Prasad
Production company:   NVR Cinema
Distributed by:   Reliance Entertainment Lyca Productions(Tamil Nadu)
Release date:    September 27, 2017
Country:     India
Language:    Telugu


1. "Boom Boom" Nikhita Gandhi
2. "Ciciliya Ciciliya"
3. "Haali Haali"
4. "Achcham Telugandham"
5. "Spyder on Mission"
6. "Akkada Vunnavadu"


Shiva, an officer in the Intelligence Bureau office spies on the ones who need help. He develops a software to listen to the needing ones by tracking their phone call. One day, he listens to a lady Charlie talking about her wish with her friend. Later, they develop feelings for each other. After he listens to a girl asking her friend for help as she is lonely in her house, he sends his friend and police constable Renuka to help the girl. But the next day, he finds them dead. To know who murdered them, he sets out to spy the girl's chats and police commissioner's calls. He finds that a guy followed her at a cafe. He learns the past about the guy Bhairavudu that Bhairavudu has an anxiety to kill people and see the victims' family crying. Shiva then catches the guy but he is revealed to be Bhairavudu's brother. Bhairavudu threatens the whole citizens to leave his brother free. Shiva kills Bhairavudu's brother which angers Bhairavudu. After many chases, Shiva arrests Bhairavudu. Then Bhairavudu tells him that he had already planned a big rock fall in the city. Shiva stops the big rock which had crushed many cars in the city and thus saves the people. Bhairavudu escapes from the police quarters and plans to destroy a hospital. Shiva reaches there by time but couldn't save few patients. Lastly, Shiva kills Bhairavudu and tells media about humanity.

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